Route (in progress)

here is our coastal route, more or less.  refresh the page if you don’t see a red line.  the points will bookmark where we are when we post. 


3 responses to “Route (in progress)

  1. Melissa

    You’re missing Bellingham!

  2. Jeremiah

    If I saw correctly, you plan to stop in Tijuana. If that’s the case, don’t. Mexico has been experiencing an extremely high number of kidnap/murders recently. I don’t mean to freak you out, but in case you haven’t heard, I thought I’d warn you.
    BTW this is Jeremiah, the fireman/paramedic you met in Carmel, CA.

    • hi Jeremiah!
      yes, we’ve been hearing its dangerous.. i think we may have ruled that out now. so no fears! thanks for the warning. and thanks again for the camp site! what is the address of the fire station?

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