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Top ways you know you will be climbing uphill….

1. You see signs for passing lane ahead.

2. The person riding in front of you becomes frighteningly close all of a sudden.

3. The great song you have in your head starts getting slower and slower.

4. You see signs for scenic outlook/view point/vista/cliff overlook…. basically anything high up and looking over stuff.

5. Your back tire starts to feel really low.

6. The cyclists passing you the other way are smiling at you.

7. The drivers passing you the other way are looking at you in horror.

8. You are currently going downhill.


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Things that are amusing in varying degrees…

1. Eating ice cream for lunch.

2. Men who tweet at you and wear purple sparkle capes that are apparently wings.

3. Buses that drive even closer to you than the RVs.

4. That my kickstand holds up both of our bikes.

5. It doesn’t matter how small the town, there’s always a Mexican restaurant.

6. Tsunami evacuation signs and then real tsunamis.

7. Bold raccoons. And that Erica looks like a bandit raccoon in her headwarmer.


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Cali catch up?!

Erica and I are woefully behind in our posts. We have limited internet access in beach towns. In general, we’ve had AMAZING weather, which means it hasn’t rain on us 🙂 We made it through OR pretty much dry but with a few dewy mornings. We’ve had cold nights though and are longing for some Southern Cali warmth.

The Oregon coast was filled with fishing towns and NW winds, to our advantage. Only the crazy and the Germans are heading North at this point! We’ve seen seals and sea lions but are waiting for our elusive whales. Southern OR was aslo ATV and dune land. We’ve run into lots of bike groups along the way, some out for the whole coast, some for just the OR coast and some headed all the way to South America. People have been incredibly generous as well. So far we’ve been gifted steak, ribs and huckleberries from Molly in Bandon. Yum!


We do get off of 101 every once and a while. Our maps like to take us up roads like Seven Devils or Whiskey Run, which are aptly named.  The traffic on 101 can be annoying at times but it generally has a decent enough shoulder for us.

Passed into Cali, which was a bit anticlimactic given there wasn’t a “WELCOME TO CALI, ELLEN AND ERICA” sign and just an agriculture check point.

All has been good in general. Decent enough campsites, sunny skies and beautiful scenery.


Headed through the Redwoods again. Majestic and humbling.


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The middle (OR) coast

Ellen- Day 7 continued. We had a beautiful climb up into the forest/hills and flew down into cattle/high desert land. It’s amazing how quickly the scenery changes as we bike along. We had am amazing climb as we watched the sunset at the end of the day (we get to take advantage of those last rays) before we pulled into our campsite. We were greeted with “You’re here!” by two guys, one just off of a three week fishing jaunt. Nick and Quinn, in all of their merriment, were kind enough to share their steak (!) with us and Erica found these amazing smore kits that we cooked up. IT rained a little that night but steak and smores will keep you warm.

Day 8: Beverly State Park to Florence. A very OR day. Overcast with a small hint of rain. We’re both wearing leggings right now. Lots of climbing so it was nice to have the cool weather. We had lots of cliff views and saw tons of sea lions. Erica and I also indulged in our first seafood. I’ve been craving fish tacos.


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Say cheese!

Ellen again- Day six was lots of long slow climbs. We have had AMAZING weather and I think Erica might have a skewed view of what the OR Coast is all about. We’ve been slathering on the sunscreen and are starting to get some silly tan lines. I have some good sunglass lines and my gloves are starting to show. We of course HAD to do the Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour where we saw them slice and dice cheese. And then we ate it. And ice cream. Delicious. Sure did smell like the midwest though. We felt right at home.

Elina, Erica’s cousin, drove out from Portland to visit us, rescued us from a terrible RV camp and and took us to camp at Cape Lookout. Beer and real firewood make life swell! The stars have been amazing and we’ve been lucky to have clear skies and dry nights. It’s amazing to wake up and have things be dry. Erica got to be on racoon patrol that night and kept us, or at least our food, safe. Sneaky animals. I slept through the whole thing. FYI- We are now channeling vampires in our biking efforts. Ride like a vampire.

Day 7:

Fun does not go unpunished, however, and we started off our morning first thing with a pretty nasty climb. Hot and sunny again. Met a writer from Wend Magazine who should totally check our blog out!!! Hi, Anna Brones!

Getting kicked off the computer. More to come!


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OR Coast here we come!

Ellen here- Well we’ve made it past the one week mark! We’re writing from the library in Waldport, OR. Erica and I have spent the past few days working our way down the Oregon Coast. Spent a lovely morning in Astoria at the Farmers’ Market and then pedaled our way out of town. Saw one Goonie but that’s it.

We (well I) were a little apprehensive about the climbing ahead of us. Our maps give us an elevation guide of the Oregon Coast and big ascents seemed daunting. To our pleasant surprise, a lot of the climbing we did in WA and to the Coast was much harder. We had a short day (it’s the weekend people) and decided to stop in Cannon Beach where we finally dipped our feet into the Pacific Ocean.

Our campsite that night was great thanks to our wonderful neighbors, Alicia, Mark, Josh, Daniel and their dog Cody. They gastronomically adopted us and forced us to eat both dinner and breakfast with them 🙂 Hmmm…. oatmeal again or pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs? We were even handed warm cups off coffee inthe morning. Hard to resist.

We’ve been passing lots of Bicycle Adventure groups and a few solo tourists here and there. Hi, Jim from SF!

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Favorite things so far….


1. The insane number of white Toyota Tacoma trucks in WA with a close runner up being white Ford F150s. Scott, if your reading, this is for you.

2. We have only had to tell dogs to “go home” twice. Thanks for fencing/locking your dogs up, Washington State.

3. Drive through espresso stands! The PNW loves their coffee and we fully support it.

4. All of the camping sites in Oregon that we are about to encounter. Thanks for making life just a tad bit easier.

5. That I just mailed my transcripts (all six) for grad school from Astoria.

6. Ridiculous tan lines Erica and I have already started to get.

7. Ibuprofen.

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