Things look different from the seat of a bike carrying a sleeping bag with a cold beer tucked inside.  ~Jim Malusa

And so this blog is dedicated to the joys of cycling with a sleeping bag, tent, a good song in your head and the occasional map. 

Erica and Ellen met in Washington, D.C. where they quickly learned they were kindred cycling spirits.


bike prom

bike prom


3 responses to “About

  1. wilhelmina

    you guys have GOT to stop at north coast brewery and cypress grove cheese farm when/if you get round about ft. bragg and/or arcata.
    safe riding, tighten that helmet!

  2. Daner

    Sista! What’s happenin’? Didn’t really know where to put this comment, but I found a page on npr.org that talks about the redwoods in California, and you should def check out the park that’s in the article (if you’re passing it). Anyway, hope you two are having an adventurous time. Be safe. Talk to you soon.


    • oh my gosh.. thanks for that link! we have certainly been seeing some amazing large trees but from the bottom… i think we go through more redwood forests up the road – we’ll keep a look out for for this spot.

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