You know you’re in Berkeley when:

We are super excited to have a GUEST POST!!  We managed to coordinate West Coast vacations with our DC friend Emily.  It was great to see her out here for an abbreviated 942 reunion.  Made it feel all the more like home.  Here’s Emily!

You know you’re in Berkeley when:

1. There is a giant freezer of Amy’s Organic frozen food and Newman’s Own ginger cookies being sold at the video store downtown.

2. The local landfill doubles as a city park with skyline views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  And there are amazing sculptures made of scrap metal scattered along the shore

3. You trek around town along trails through the woods with names like “Berryman Path” with grapes and citrus fruit growing all around.

4. While waiting for the BART train, there is a passenger practicing yoga on one side of you, and on the other side a person doing Tai Chi.  (thanks for this one, Kate).

5. You spend all day eating some of the best pizza and ice cream (w/ flavors such as Cardamom Rose, or Coconut Chile Cashew) in the country, and enjoy good company.  And you don’t want to leave.  Life is good.



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8 responses to “You know you’re in Berkeley when:

  1. ecynar

    Hey, got yr second postcard! Thanks! Good to hear from you and see the Calif Zebras. I assume you got the package, yeh?

  2. Linda

    Lovin the short shouts, too!

  3. Happy Haloween!

    This year’s Jack O Lantern was a hit with the kids in my hood:

  4. Hey, this is Jeremiah from that fire station in Carmel, CA. Are you and your friend still riding?
    I am on wordpress under jmibullfrog, and on twitter. I hope you two are doing well.

    • erica

      Jeremiah! I’m so happy to hear from you! I have a post card for ya 🙂 heh – it got burried in gear.
      we finished our trip.. i guess the blog stops kind of abruptly? we started using twitter since we could do it from our phone.
      It was an amazing ride and meeting people like you along the way was what really made it fun and meaningful for us. We took a weekend ride DC to Baltimore this summer for Ellen’s birthday. Planning to ride to Annapolis. Maybe a short ride in Finland? Its addicting ~
      Thanks again for letting us camp next door 🙂 did you see the photos from the station?
      Hope all is well ~

    • erica

      Wow Jeremiah ~ just checked out your jmibullfrog blog. Sad story about the motorcyclist… but it looks like you have found a way to make sense of it all. I remember crossing that bridge. Best of luck on your jouney ~

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