yay! for hostel with rental computer!!

We are treating ourselves to showers.  If you ever have the opportunity to stay a night or 3 in the Cambria, stay at the Bridge Street Inn Hostel.  Love.  I inquired about jobs here.  Its that good. 
More awesome biking.  Hills are not longer scary.  We are kind of rocking them actually.  In fact, we were told today that we are rock stars.  🙂  Camp site last night was fine.  Sleeping warm.  Met Doc, who is usually a long distance hiker, not biker.  “Doc” is his hiker name.  He asked if bikers have road names.  I told him my bike’s name is Sloopy.  Ellen is afraid of Doc. 
Expensive in these parts!!  I have been thinking i (or someone, hint hint) should get a taco truck and make this the route.  Undersell these jerks. 
A remarkable thing happened!  We rolled into SanSimeon (passed very smelly Point Piedras Blanco.  ack!) (hilarious pit stop for elephant seals) We had a gigantic sandwich at the historic general store (met Roger – biker/environmental manager) Then… a guy in a hat asked about our route. He helped us take a photo in front of the store.  He happened to arrive at the ticket counter at the Hearst Castle at the same time as us.  He offered to buy our tickets!!  Ellen and I were/still are besides ourselves with astonishment.  His name is Adam.  He’s from Phoenix.  That’s all we know – he disappeared.  We are very happy at the kindness of strangers.  it’s just heartwarming and inspiring. 
on down the road!


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  1. Are you guys going to stay in California forever? It sounds pretty great.

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