big push through Big Sur

GREAT riding in Big Sur!!  can’t get very far during this stretch because there aren’t many camping options.  that’s fine – let’s not rush it!  the place we are staying tonight is pretty nice, turns out.  lots of tents!  Los Padres National Park – Plaskett camp site.  $5.  no showers (i really need one!)  since we were here early we set up the tent and biked up to a path.  Led to a cliff and down to the waves crashing on rocks.  Found a nice perch to watch the waves rolling in.  Thinking.  Ellen spotted a sea lion – FINALLY!  we’d been passing refuges but not seeing any.  This one was a real surprise in all the wave commotion.  Just there for a moment.  Perfect timing though. 
We couldn’t get out of Big Sur camp site fast enough this morning…  a SKUNK tormented us all night, trying to get at a packaged rotissere chicken.  sounded like rocks tumbling in a box by our heads.  WHY?!  so infuriating.  i even blew my whistle (before i knew it was a skunk – eek!) Once we saw it was a skunk there was nothing we could do.  The next morning i was like “i’m going to find the owners of this chicken and THEY are going to throw it away!”  Ellen pointed out i was starting to sound like Old Ed on his RV revenge tour.  Hilarious!  We are laughing a lot out here.  
I’ve realized: this ride is amazing.  this is the best riding i’ve ever had.  Spectacular.  this and the road of death in Bolivia.  not bad.  also realized.. this won’t be my last!  next trip: North Sea Cycle Route


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  1. Tom

    Hi Erica,

    Looks like you’re having a great journey. Thanks for the postcard. It looks a little like the coast of Maine times 2.

    Commune with those big trees and bring back their energy to share.

    Be well. Enjoy!



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