The Redwood Forest

After breakfast at Poppa Joe’s in Ferndale, then a tomato-tasting and blackberry popsicle stop, we rolled through lush dairy land and onto the Ave. of the Giants.  Redwoods.  This is what i’d been waiting for.  Ellen and I decided bicycle was the best way to travel this road.  (excepting maybe unicorns or Edward Cullen)
The trees are so vast and the lack of understory makes it feel like a giant room of pillars.  its very welcoming.  the air is fresh and filtered light falls on electric green needles and offers some warmth.  its quiet.  we are the only ones on the road.  (seriously, only a couple cars pass.  we picked the right season.)  on dane’s recommendation we find Rockefeller Grove for a hike.  at one point we lay on the ground to take it all in and that’s when you see the whole forest swaying in the wind.  barely perceptible.  the ground is carpeted with clover!  it was getting cold so we headed toward our camp site but found the awesome Women’s Federation Grove.  It was a day-use area with a giant hearth designed by Julia Morgan.  I want to throw a party there someday.  We made our dinner there then hit camp.  Matt and Chelsea, Old Ed and Eddie were warming by the fire.  Nice.



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5 responses to “The Redwood Forest

  1. Linda

    Of course, you stopped to look for a 4-leaf clover…

  2. Paula

    you both would be proud. in my spare time of all this school work i find time to read new moon

  3. KLS

    lovely! I vote for Edward Cullen

  4. I stopped at Poppa Joes early on in my trip. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this comment since your trip is way over but I saw the post when I checked out your blog cause I’m trying to warm showers with you.

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