some of the best views..

where are we??  what day is it??  Ellen is busy busy getting life stuff in order (hard to escape responsibilities from home!) so i will try to post something quick before time is up.  Point Arena Public Library.  Population 474. Elevation 220 (or something like that).

We’ve been having some great rides lately.  Yesterday ranks as one of our favorite for the views.  The Northern Cal. coast is more dry and sunny.  We are rolling through pasture lands with coniferous forests to our left and rocky cliffs dropping to tidal basin shores on our right.  the traffic has been light but the road doesn’t offer much of a shoulder.  Occasionally we drop into a switch back cove that we have to climb out of and it feels like we’ll flip over backward, the grade is so steep.  So yesterday we rolled into Fort Bragg for breakfast at Cafe One, on recommendation.  After pie we headed over to visit Ben and the Thanksgiving Coffee Co. where he works.  Ben gave us a tour and explanation of the organic and fair trade practices there, loaded us up with stickers (YES!!) and then topped it all off with the best cappuccino ever.  that propelled us through the day.  We stopped in Elk on a grassy cliff over the crashing waves to have yogurt lunches.  We set up camp at Manchester Beach St.Park.  These state parks vary quite a bit in amenities but they all cost only $5/person for hiker/biker spots.  We did not see any of the other riders we’ve been crossing paths with so it was a quiet night for us.  quick corn chowder dinner.  Its been SO COLD at night..  we are ready for a break in SanFrancisco!!  assuming sean doesn’t make us sleep outside.



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2 responses to “some of the best views..

  1. Linda

    Love your descriptions. Grandma wants to know… How you can you girls possibly be strong enough to ride that far?

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