Things that are amusing in varying degrees…

1. Eating ice cream for lunch.

2. Men who tweet at you and wear purple sparkle capes that are apparently wings.

3. Buses that drive even closer to you than the RVs.

4. That my kickstand holds up both of our bikes.

5. It doesn’t matter how small the town, there’s always a Mexican restaurant.

6. Tsunami evacuation signs and then real tsunamis.

7. Bold raccoons. And that Erica looks like a bandit raccoon in her headwarmer.



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8 responses to “Things that are amusing in varying degrees…

  1. i have to add that in Ferndale there were several pairs of spare spectacles on every service counter and bar. also that many of these towns we pass through still have working pay phones!

    • Linda

      Ha! I can relate to that. Maybe they are reading glasses for people who don’t normally wear their glasses when they go out, but need them to read the menu…so they are “loaners”! I haven’t seen a pay phone in many years.

  2. Brita & Graham

    So much fun to follow your progress via blog and pics and now Twitter!

    If you see some interesting sand, I’d be grateful if you can get even a teaspoon (for the sand collection haha) as I know every little bit is just extra weight and wouldn’t want that !! LOL

    Erica so glad to see pics of Ellen but if you don’t hand over that camera to her, we’ll start to believe she’s riding the coast alone Hahaha!! Seriously, though the pics are awesome!! I know it’s tough to upload so the ones you’ve added have made living your bike trip vicariously a real thrill !!

    I’m so proud of you two. It’s really incredible!! Graham and I are rooting you on!!

    Be careful and enjoy!!


    B & G

    PS. Graham LOVES all the bug, moss, and other oddity pics 🙂 Bugs, moss, mushrooms, and fungi are so way cool !! hehe

    • Linda

      Hi Brita and Graham! Hope she can get some sand from those beaches!

    • Glad you like the bugs Graham! i’ve been seeing all sorts of interesting birds too.
      Aunt Brita! i’ve been thinking of you all along the coast!! i’ve been meaning to tell you about that first beach we really hit and enjoyed (cannon beach – where the end of goonies was filmed) I first thought of it there but the idea of carrying sand and not knowing where to put it detterred me. i wish i had picked some up! i will make a point to get you some along the way here though.

      • Brita & Graham

        LOL Erica. Don’t pick up sand on my account!!
        And it’s a good thing you didn’t get it from Cannon Beach b/c Aunt Maria brought me some from there when she was visiting Lina!! Yikes!!

        Don’t bother to take anything extra … until maybe your last day on the road or something!! LOL Certainly don’t pick up anything as large as what you brought back from Chile!! 🙂

        You rock !! :->

  3. two more amusing items:
    1. the shops and groceries in Humbolt and Mendocino Counties have signs at the door directing people to leave their backpacks and sleeping rolls outside. – that means you hippies!
    2. whoever rides in front ends up wearing a cape of spiderwebs that glistens in the sun behind them.

    • Linda

      HaHaHaHa – Those darn hippies just keep on comin’
      Wow – It would be incredible to get a picture of those glistening webs, Erica!

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