Ferndale, a lovely place to get stuck

ellen and i have set up camp at the Ferndale fairground.  it promises to be another very cold night but THIS night I am equipped with a brand new sleeping bag liner (that actually resembles cheesecloth so i don’t have much faith in it).  wish me luck.  Eureka left us feeling uninspired this morning..  what a strange car-centric seeming place!  coffee is to seattle like auto dealers and auto repair shops are to Eureka.  We stopped at Lost Coast Brewery then tried to hit the road.  101 out of town was pretty awful.  it felt illegal to be riding on that stretch so we were happy to be diverted onto back-country roads.  ..until.. Loleta.  it was immediately weird.  there was a little gang of adults on those mini motorcycles revving their engines as we pulled into town.  other odd congregations of people in an otherwise very sleepy town.  we needed a rest-stop so we headed toward signs of life and found only a post office, liquor store and butcher shop.  i bought a red bull.  so… the streets are dead quiet and empty.  this guy in a NICE SUIT passes us and says we should get our bikes off the sidewalk cause people are trying to pass.  !!!  seriously – no one is around.  we are alone with this guy passing to get to the post office.  then all of a sudden the tsunami/tornado siren goes off across the street.  then a three legged dog runs by and we realize there are stuffed animals all over.  we decide to leave immediately.

well.  here we are 10 miles from Loleta.  Ferndale could not be nicer.  everyone is at the pizza shop up the street, which smells great.  there are little fellas practicing football… the firemen are washing their engines… all the buildings are victorian.  we’re headed to the bar with live music for a glass of wine to keep us toasty this eve.

tomorrow! – avenue of the giants.  Daner, we’re going to stop at the Rockefeller Forest in that article you sent.  We’ve got a long climb into Leggett over the next couple days.  Sorry no more photo uploads.  These public computers either don’t allow it or are too slow.
(Alexis and Mike – congrats on your wedding this weekend!  i hope you all have a blast.  Sorry to be missing it.)



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5 responses to “Ferndale, a lovely place to get stuck

  1. Linda

    Two things make me happy this morning…Hearing from you girls and an email saying our union and the administration met until midnight last night and ended up with a contract agreement.

  2. Jim

    I enjoyed meeting the two of you riding south last week (I’m from San Francisco and we rode together briefly until I pushed on that day as I did a shorter tour terminating in Eugene, OR). I should have mentioned the coffee shop in Pacific City with the free internet on a Mac! Hope you found it.


    • Hey Jim! Glad you visited here and thanks for the link. We stop at probably 90% of the food establishments along the route so we DID happen to find that Pacific City place. it was not working sadly but we had a great cookie there. and coffee and… i found a fancy s’mores pack for later that night. heh..
      Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip! We are pushing through an odd stretch of Humbolt Co.

  3. Tweeting on the Twatter with sparkly wings? I don’t understand yr crazy lingo.

    California’s dirty little secret: Get out of the major cities and it turns into small downs full of dog kicking, wife beating good old boys. Gun racks and Jesus Fish. Stay out of Sweet Home Oregon, just north of the border.

  4. monica

    sounds like there’s lots of “sights” to see… i thought you were on bike paths though, not on actual roads! well enjoy/ be safe . watch out for the ewoks 🙂 stay warm

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