Cali catch up?!

Erica and I are woefully behind in our posts. We have limited internet access in beach towns. In general, we’ve had AMAZING weather, which means it hasn’t rain on us 🙂 We made it through OR pretty much dry but with a few dewy mornings. We’ve had cold nights though and are longing for some Southern Cali warmth.

The Oregon coast was filled with fishing towns and NW winds, to our advantage. Only the crazy and the Germans are heading North at this point! We’ve seen seals and sea lions but are waiting for our elusive whales. Southern OR was aslo ATV and dune land. We’ve run into lots of bike groups along the way, some out for the whole coast, some for just the OR coast and some headed all the way to South America. People have been incredibly generous as well. So far we’ve been gifted steak, ribs and huckleberries from Molly in Bandon. Yum!


We do get off of 101 every once and a while. Our maps like to take us up roads like Seven Devils or Whiskey Run, which are aptly named.  The traffic on 101 can be annoying at times but it generally has a decent enough shoulder for us.

Passed into Cali, which was a bit anticlimactic given there wasn’t a “WELCOME TO CALI, ELLEN AND ERICA” sign and just an agriculture check point.

All has been good in general. Decent enough campsites, sunny skies and beautiful scenery.


Headed through the Redwoods again. Majestic and humbling.



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3 responses to “Cali catch up?!

  1. Glad you survived the much-hyped but total bummer of a tsunami the other evening. Tsunami-schtsunami, I say!

    Berkeley is waiting:

    Wednesday’s Pizza 9.30.09

    Fresh corn and chile pasilla, feta and mozzarella cheeses, garlic olive oil, key lime and cilantro.

    Thursday’s Pizza 10.1.09

    Barlett pear and caramelized onion, blue and mozzarella cheeses, WALNUTS, garlic olive oil and Italian parsley.

    Remember to stretch those quads! I know you aren’t. BAD.

    • i AM stretching!! i swear, ask ellen. i can almost touch my toes, still.
      is the Berkeley Spa still there? i think i’m going to need an appointment. then on to the Cheeseboard. ahh… you’re killin’ me. in a good way.

  2. KLS

    I find this exchange a bit cruel. . . even for me. And I’m just at work in DC. But i can always use some caramalized onions and cheese!

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