The middle (OR) coast

Ellen- Day 7 continued. We had a beautiful climb up into the forest/hills and flew down into cattle/high desert land. It’s amazing how quickly the scenery changes as we bike along. We had am amazing climb as we watched the sunset at the end of the day (we get to take advantage of those last rays) before we pulled into our campsite. We were greeted with “You’re here!” by two guys, one just off of a three week fishing jaunt. Nick and Quinn, in all of their merriment, were kind enough to share their steak (!) with us and Erica found these amazing smore kits that we cooked up. IT rained a little that night but steak and smores will keep you warm.

Day 8: Beverly State Park to Florence. A very OR day. Overcast with a small hint of rain. We’re both wearing leggings right now. Lots of climbing so it was nice to have the cool weather. We had lots of cliff views and saw tons of sea lions. Erica and I also indulged in our first seafood. I’ve been craving fish tacos.



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2 responses to “The middle (OR) coast

  1. Linda

    Heipa Hei girls! Keep the pictures and stories coming. All the family are riding along with you.. even though they’re not yet writing. Saw the Humbug State Park website. That place looked amazing!

  2. Aaron

    Ellen, looks like things are going well. I just wanted you to know, I am thinking of setting up a long-range charity tour next summer. I’ve sent out a few emails, just checking on support. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more – though not on your comments, lol.

    Keep up the great work ladies!

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