Say cheese!

Ellen again- Day six was lots of long slow climbs. We have had AMAZING weather and I think Erica might have a skewed view of what the OR Coast is all about. We’ve been slathering on the sunscreen and are starting to get some silly tan lines. I have some good sunglass lines and my gloves are starting to show. We of course HAD to do the Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour where we saw them slice and dice cheese. And then we ate it. And ice cream. Delicious. Sure did smell like the midwest though. We felt right at home.

Elina, Erica’s cousin, drove out from Portland to visit us, rescued us from a terrible RV camp and and took us to camp at Cape Lookout. Beer and real firewood make life swell! The stars have been amazing and we’ve been lucky to have clear skies and dry nights. It’s amazing to wake up and have things be dry. Erica got to be on racoon patrol that night and kept us, or at least our food, safe. Sneaky animals. I slept through the whole thing. FYI- We are now channeling vampires in our biking efforts. Ride like a vampire.

Day 7:

Fun does not go unpunished, however, and we started off our morning first thing with a pretty nasty climb. Hot and sunny again. Met a writer from Wend Magazine who should totally check our blog out!!! Hi, Anna Brones!

Getting kicked off the computer. More to come!



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9 responses to “Say cheese!

  1. racoons totally pulled my pack out from under my rainfly and into the adjacent field to look at. meg:0 rocky:1…
    my friend ash had an actual tug-o-war with one over her pack. ash:1, rocky:0

  2. Got yr package today. Nice pics, looks like an amazing ride. ELLEN: Take some pics of Erica for a change!

  3. Chris B

    You girls rock! I’m so proud of you for doing this! Keep the pics and posts coming!

  4. Linda Penttila

    It makes us so happy to hear that Elina was able to visit with you!! You all probably kept the neighbors up with the laughing.

  5. Heather

    OMG! I have an Ellen shaped hole in my heart. Your trip sounds AWESOME! Can’t wait to hear more. Love you!!!

  6. Caught you guys in Pacific City, now here I am checking in on your blog. Keep on wending it down to San Diego!

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