OR Coast here we come!

Ellen here- Well we’ve made it past the one week mark! We’re writing from the library in Waldport, OR. Erica and I have spent the past few days working our way down the Oregon Coast. Spent a lovely morning in Astoria at the Farmers’ Market and then pedaled our way out of town. Saw one Goonie but that’s it.

We (well I) were a little apprehensive about the climbing ahead of us. Our maps give us an elevation guide of the Oregon Coast and big ascents seemed daunting. To our pleasant surprise, a lot of the climbing we did in WA and to the Coast was much harder. We had a short day (it’s the weekend people) and decided to stop in Cannon Beach where we finally dipped our feet into the Pacific Ocean.

Our campsite that night was great thanks to our wonderful neighbors, Alicia, Mark, Josh, Daniel and their dog Cody. They gastronomically adopted us and forced us to eat both dinner and breakfast with them 🙂 Hmmm…. oatmeal again or pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs? We were even handed warm cups off coffee inthe morning. Hard to resist.

We’ve been passing lots of Bicycle Adventure groups and a few solo tourists here and there. Hi, Jim from SF!


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  1. Linda Penttila

    Are Goonies anything like the Melonheads of Mitchell’s Mill Rd.? 🙂

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