Day 2.. 62 miles to Centralia

Where to start? We made it to the bustling metropolis of Centralia, WA for our second night. The morning held rolling hills and then rode through the breathtaking range. Farms, cattle, alpacas, cowboys…. A German motorcyclist told us he would keep up is his bedtime prayers, which may have been the highlight of the day. Camped in an RV park where we soon learned we were sleeping about 25 feet from railroad tracks. Not the best sleep.

erica here: hmm..  well, the highlight from my perspective is that the route is lined with black berry laden bushes.  insane.  several miles into the ride i stopped feeling the need to snack constantly.  mystery biker crossed our path again.  we finally caught him outside Grandma’s Kitchen in Elma.  Graham, headed to astoria also.  Talking to him we were cornered by Kinsey.  Entertainer extrodinaire.  Kinsey wears a greek sailor hat and hits us with G-rated joke after joke.  “there’s more..”  then he gave us directions to places we weren’t going.  ahhh..  “you got 5 minutes Kinsey” is what the locals tell him.  next time.


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