Day 1!

Erica and I left Seattle last night after spending a few days with Laura and Nat, who were gracious enough to host us and put up with us using their apartment as a staging ground for bike prep. And thanks to Meg for transit support! We, in classic style, just made our ferry as they were about to pull away and then had a windy ride to Bremerton. Our first ten minutes of riding was a slap in the face. Grade was nasty getting out of town and is probably an indication of more to come. We had lots of rolling hills as we rode by lake after lake. The weather was perfect, slightly overcast, cool and only a few raindrops. We are writing to you from Mason Firestation 46 Steven and Robert were excellent hosts and let us camp on their lawn after telling us horror stories about coyotes and deer. Steven even shared his excellent spaghetti dinner with us, which was more satisfying than the bread, cheese and hummous sandwiches we made. Off on day two. Cloudy and cool again. Potential rainshowers, but nothing we’ve never dealt with before!



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8 responses to “Day 1!

  1. steven

    thank u for the company its not everday we get 2 beautifull girls shareing dinner with at the station

    you girls have a safe trip and i will keep checking here to see how it was going hope the animals were quiet lol hope to here from u soon u can shoot me a text any time

    be safe
    your firefighter pal and cook
    steven ray hooks

  2. Some incentive: Roasted cauliflower with onions and pistachios, Campo de Montalban and mozzarella cheeses, garlic olive oil and parsley.

  3. Pete, Barb & Tess

    It was nice to meet you two today (outside buckies in Centralia). We love your blog and will continue to follow your progress. If you deviate from your plan and land in Portland, let us know. We’re good for a hot meal and shower! You guys are so inspiring! Pete, Barb & Tess


  4. Carlos

    Woohoo! You go girls!

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