the undead Seattle

erica here.  my bike and i made it to seattle in one piece.  very happy.  now just waiting for ellen.  waiting… waiting.. 🙂  in the mean time having a blast and getting little sleep, catching up with college friends.  their homes/apartments are so nice and they’ve surrounded themselves with really fun, creative people.  Friday night we went to see Laura’s boyfriend Nat play a Black Flag cover show at Comet.  Meg took me to a Steven Holl building on Saturday then we all went to lake washington.  had some great indian food and a fun night celebrating a birthday with Julie and Renee.  yesterday Linda’s Tavern is the definition of brunch and after a nap we went to Dan’s house warming party, adding Brad and Natalie to the crowd of familiar faces.  great to see folks and hang out.  we had to rush to the True Blood finale at laura’s friend’s place.  it was my first episode but i feel immersed in the vampires-live-amongst-us region of the country.  it’s very lucky that i read twilight last week.  thanks sarah 😉 and i didn’t think i’d do it but there are two copies of New Moon laying around here so i picked one of em up.  uhg!  just heard that ellen’s in-flight reading material will bring her up to speed!  we’ll have to discuss riding over to Forks to kick off this tour.  g’luck with the flight ellen ~ see you soon!



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6 responses to “the undead Seattle

  1. Paula

    For your sake and mine, I hope Ellen remembers to bring the tent poles!

  2. KLS

    You succumbed to the Twilight follow on! So hard not too but better you didn’t pack it to weigh you down up those hills!

  3. Don’t forget yr Quad stretches

  4. Pete, Barb & Tess

    It was nice to meet you two today (outside buckies in Centralia). We love your blog and will continue to follow your progress. If you deviate from your plan and land in Portland, let us know. We’re good for a hot meal and shower! You guys are so inspiring! Pete, Barb & Tess

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