moving, packing,.. dreaming?

Is this real?!  For months I’ve been having bike related dreams.  The layer of bicycle gear, clothing, tools, packaging covering my living room floor should be evidence enough that something major is about to happen.  Ellen and I are playing phone tag but leaving each other excited voice messages about successful moves, ending of jobs, procurement of bike boxes, camp stoves and long underwear.  Sure enough I fly to Seattle on Friday.  
I love traveling with my bike.  I don’t mind taking it apart and I really enjoy putting it back together.  Having it in a new city is like traveling with a friend.  A very generous friend.  I HATE trusting my bike to cardboard boxes and luggage handlers though.  I’m building a frankenstein box this time around because the only boxes available at city bikes were used for pellet gun practice.  I got another today that will help patch up the first.  
I’d love for this log to be useful to someone wanting to embark on a bike tour and needing advice or encouragement.  I’m there for you!!  And so I’m sure is Ellen.  And anyone who’s ever traveled by bike.  I will cheer for bike touring long and loud enough until you give in.  I think that’s what happened with Ellen. 🙂  I’m so grateful.  And to Bike Bum Greg who didn’t know what he was talking about at the time but got me rolling on the first trip.
Next post I’m going to try to lay out the planning process.  My version of Bike Tour 101.



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2 responses to “moving, packing,.. dreaming?

  1. BoingBoing! I will be following from NZ! U crazy kids and yr bikes!

  2. Meghan

    So psyched for you guys! Erica, you’re coming back to DC, right?? Eventually?? You are going to have enough fun for all of us. Be safe!

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