Empty apartment and a bike

Ellen in Kalamazoo:  I’m sitting on the floor in an empty apartment  with just my bike, gear and an air mattress. It’s liberating and scary to think that all I’ll really need for the next few months can be found in a few bags, while I just moved three rooms full of my stuff into storage this weekend. Yes, I’m downsizing. There’s something incredibly liberating about being able to  only have two pairs of shorts, a couple jerseys and a sleeping bag, although I’m fearing the weight of cold weather gear and cooking supplies.

I keep calling Erica with wonderment that we’re pulling this off. It’s an amazing combination of perfect timing life timing, haven ridden together before, a sense of adventure and a lot of “what the hell, it will work out, right?”. I feel like I haven’t been putting enough momentum or effort into this great adventure we’re going to have but somehow things will fall into place. Ticket- check. Bike- check. Let’s go.

I’ll fly out on Monday to meet Erica in Seattle. Perhaps that will be a good time to look at maps 🙂 What’s exciting about our new adventure is that it’s the first time we will both be “funemployed”! Usually we switch off who is being the bum for the summer. 

Oh my goodness. It’s just like skiing in the Alps.


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  1. Autumn

    Thinking of you as you embark on a new adventure! Besitos!

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